Projhect Orion Rejuvinated

Projhect Orion Rejuvinated
A D-He3 fusion pulse refit of the Project Orion Starship

Friday, February 22, 2013

Why I dislike Star Wars

Hello; this is Timothy McHugh, I am a space enthusiast who dislikes Star Wars due to bad memories, forebodings, and psychological trauma that I suffered in its name.  I have written a full critique on of of Michael Wong's "Star Wars VS Star Trek Essays" in which he flagrantly and accuses Star Trek of promoting racism even though it is well documented and 100% OBVIOUS that Gene Roddenberry whom founded Star Wars was vehemently against racism which makes him either a deluded fool or a big fat liar.  I quoted and refuted the entire retarded "Racism in Star Wars and Star Trek" essay of his on a page of my official website.  Plus I wrote another page to which my aforementioned dissection of that StarDestroyer.Net essay is a parent page to on exactly Why I Don't Like Star Wars which you can read for more information.  I burn my psychological scars that I suffered from my psychological trauma in 1999 very deep to this day.  In 1999, my foster parents and a psychiatrist took away my Orion model in an attempt to make me like Star Wars and I made the mistake of not honestly speaking my mind, that was the trauma I suffered in 1999 to which I still burn all of the scars from it very deep and you can read more about it on the second link in this post.  Sadly, I sometimes receive hate mail from fans of Star Wars who are intolerant of the fact that I honestly don't like something that they like and any such intolerant Star Wars fans will be blocked from this blog and they can kiss their hate mail goodbye!
I receive lots of this flak form some Starwoids for stating that I honestly dislike Star Wars on the Internet!

That's right, I don't like Star Wars.
The Keyhole Nebula flips off the Star Wars universe to give Star Wars the "finger"!

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