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Projhect Orion Rejuvinated
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Confused Matthew's real face

Hello, this is Timothy McHugh and I recently stumbled across a video showing Confused Matthew's real face, not his avatar which he uses for himself in his reviews etc.  This man is responsible for starting a YouTube war against The Lion King with his unintelligible review of the film in 2008.  There have been several commentaries on his TLK review which I enjoy.  This guy is planning to make a second review of The Lion King containing all of the same invalid claims and same logical fallacies where he will move the goalposts on legitimate counter arguments claiming to "address common objections to his original review".  And when he does, I will be ready to shoot him down and kick is ass into another dimension with an Orion Commentary!  Confused Matthew is sick and here is an image that I have saved onto my computer of what this mastermind of a smear campaign against The Lion King looks like in real life which looks very different form his avatar below an actual image of myself.
This is me
Confused Matthew
Confused Matthew, I am so furious at you for refusing to give up your prejudices about The Lion King when they have been refuted many times before and for vowing to cling to them and defend them at all costs no matter what the evidence says!  He refuses to learn about character and plot development which prove him completely wrong about The Lion King and takes anyone who shoots him down or likes The Lion King as an idiot.  Confused Matthew is banned form any Project Orion Renaissance activities because he bases his opinion about The Lion King on PURE PREJUDICE. These absurd prejudices of his in turn compel him to promote atrocities in sick fantasies like his threats to beat up and kill Simba for his character.  This a form of destroying for no good reason and therefore it goes against everything upon which Project Orion Renaissance is founded on.  Everyone who endorses absurdities that even foster fantasies that glorify destroying things that one dislikes for no good reason are forever banned from Project Orion Renaissance unless they change their ways and give up the absurdities causing their violent animosities.
The Keyhole Nebula rightfully flips off Confused Matthew to give him the "finger" that he so desperately deserves!

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