Projhect Orion Rejuvinated

Projhect Orion Rejuvinated
A D-He3 fusion pulse refit of the Project Orion Starship

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Dodecahedron

Ever since I first watch Episode 7 of Carl Sagan's Cosmos called "The Backbone Of The Night" years ago, I was inspired to use the Dodecahedron as the symbol of Project Orion Renaissance and of the D-He3 Project Orion Starship since the Pythagorean kept the dodecahedron secret from common people which made the eventual Dark Ages possible.  The dodecahedron is a three-dimensional pentagon and this polyhedron has twelve pentagon-shaped sides.  Another reason for my adoption of the dodecahedron as my symbol is the dodecahedron being a symbol inscribed on a "Starship Theodorus Of The Planet Earth" Bussard Ramjet from Episode 8 "Travels In Space And Time" of Cosmos.  So the symbol on an Orion Starship will be the dodecahedron.  The original plan for Orion could not really go to the stars since it was too inefficient and could go no more then 1-2% the speed of light.  The D-He3 Orion which I am designing on the other hand can go at least 10% the speed of light and be ideal for travel to nearby stars.  Now you know exactly why I picked the dodecahedron as the symbol of Project Orion Renaissance.
This may sound a bit off topic, but I forgot to also mention the Mini Mag Orion which too is more efficient than the original Orion model and the D-He3 Orion borrowed form the Mini Mag Orion its magsail for deceleration.
Mini Mag Orion Spacecraft Design


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  2. Does look a little like this one here: