Projhect Orion Rejuvinated

Projhect Orion Rejuvinated
A D-He3 fusion pulse refit of the Project Orion Starship

Monday, February 25, 2013

FINALLY, the "Orion Crisis" is OVER!

Hello, this is Timothy McHugh and I am pleased to report that precisely 170 months after starting to the day, the Orion Crisis of Project Orion against X-Wings is finally over.  Before the Orion Crisis starting on Monday, August 17, 1998, I was using Project Orion to be who I am in the midst of many people who love Star Wars by pairing it up with the X-Wings in my mind in the ill-fated Orion Unity I.  My goal in the Orion Crisis was to have what I like and to be different in the midst of rampant Star Wars fandom.  The Orion Crisis started on Christmas Day, Friday, December 25, 1998 when I got a Star Wars video game called Rogue Squadron without asking for it and me not telling the truth about my feelings about it.  Plus the massive delay rather than solving this problem in 1999 was because my foster parents and a psychiatrist took away my Orion and some of my other security items at the time in an attempt to make me like Star Wars and I did not tell the truth about my true goals regarding Star Wars.  I did not speak my mind when my Orion was taken away in that I did not state that I want nothing more to do with Star Wars and that I wanted to have my Orion back while disliking Star Wars at the same time.  Another thing that I lied about was my feelings regarding the hostile treatment of Colo Claw Fish in the TPM underwater scene when that movie first came out in theaters.  The taking away of my Orion and my not speaking my mind about Star Wars when my Orion was taken away caused me a huge psychological mess that interfered with school and created unwanted obsessions for me that took me many years to undo.  I changed Project Orion's propulsion after the reality of it being shut down in 1965 due to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty finally sank in on February 18, 1999.

The underlying motivation for my goals in the Orion Crisis was having my toy airplanes taken away and my balloons popped by an abusive Filipino woman who ran a group home that I lived at for nine months form 1989 until May 25, 1990.  This is what Star Wars subconsciously reminded me of ever since I first rode Star Tours at Disneyland without first hearing of Star Wars in October 1990.  Although the scars form having my stuff taken away in an abusive group home and having my Orion taken away for 20 weeks solid have healed, I still need to avoid Star Wars because some of its vocal and avid fans give things that I like a bad name and this "Darth Tiberius" concept for Star Wars Episode VII.  People like Michael Wong and his StarDestroyer.Net vilify Star Trek heroes such as saying that the Federation is communist, racist, or evil and accuse Star Trek of promoting racism or communism.  My concern about the "Darth Tiberius" character in the proposed Star Wars Episode VII which William Shatner may play is that by his name he is named for the middle name of a famous Star Trek hero and that it might be an attempt to vilify Star Trek for the first time in an actual Star Wars movie.  So don't tell me that I have to like Star Wars in any way, shape, or form or else I will instantly block you if I can and remove your comments.

The Orion Crisis after many years of delay finally ends on Monday, February 25, 2013 and February 25 is officially "Orion Victory Day" (OVD).  The D-He3 Orion Starship's days of dealing with Star Wars are over and the only Star Wars-related thing I will do from now on with my refit Orion is befriend Colo Claw Fish in my mind for a new and stable long-lasting Orion Unity.  Actually, August 17 is Project Orion's second birthday or rebirthday because that is when I really got hooked on Project Orion in 1998, 185 days before the fusion refit was conceived.  The lesson that I learned form this 170-month-long Orion Crisis is to tell the truth about your feelings on something, even if you are afraid to do so.  This is a long story that no one post or blog can talk about so easily but I will write something on the whole history behind it.

The original Orion Unity was between Project Orion and X-Wing Starfighters as an attempt to feel included while being different and tragically ended 55 days before the Orion refit came out in my mind.  The current Orion Unity of my refitted D-He3 fusion pulse Project Orion and the sexy Star Wars eel known as Colo Claw Fish is called Orion Unity II and this one is stable and will not fail like the previous Orion Unity did on Christmas 1998.  That is because unlike the X-Wings, Colo Claw Fish never embody any type of foreboding in me or bring up any bad memories for me.
Orion Unity II

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